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Construction Layout Robot


Save time and money on your next job

Built for Construction


After years helping exhibitions,  we’ve teamed up with leading contractors to perfect Lionel to mark layouts for:






Mark Anywhere


Use Lionel wherever you need – indoors and outdoors, open and tight spaces

Lionel works on all surfaces, no matter how rough or dusty

Mark Anything


Lionel marks lines, points, letters, number, custom marks – anything you want from your BIM model

Perfect for hanger points, drywall

framing and descriptions

Need different colours?

Lionel does that too

Fast. No Blind Spots. Affordable.


Imagine a robot that uses your plans to automatically mark your layout on the floor. That's exactly what our Lionel robot does.


Put your total station away and let Lionel accelerate your project.

Save on direct costs


Upload your plans and

Lionel takes care of the rest


Marks with 1/16” accuracy


No more line of sight issues

No Blind Spots

No human supervision required



10x quicker than the speed of manual layout

Why smart contractors are

using Lionel

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Hanger Points


Other Equipment


Full layout without the hassle


Simply provide your standard plans in a CAD and/or a CSV file. Our engineers will take care of the rest – from plan upload to on-site set up and deployment


With time, you can choose to deploy Lionel

independently (or let us continue to provide full service)

We understand that construction demands perfection


Lionel leaves no room for manual error – it is autonomous and does not require manual handling


Lionel marks within 1/16”accuracy, translating the precision in BIM to reality in the field


No more wasted time, money and stress from rework


Eliminate errors and rework

Lionel uses August Robotics’ own advanced localisation technology


Unlike total stations, Lionel does not demand a constant

uninterrupted line of sight


This enables Lionel to work seamlessly in spaces with columns and other obstructions – it does not get lost or blocked

No Blind Spots

Cover the whole floor in a single setup

Lionel is fully autonomous and does not require an operator


No need to clear up the site - Lionel intelligently detects and avoids obstacles, static and dynamic


Lionel is equipped with industry leading safety technology to work safely in busy jobsites


Free up your people from layout

A single Lionel robot can mark 20,000 sq ft a day, up to 10x faster than manual methods


Save days of time and labour on layout for every floor

Gain unlimited efficiency by using Lionel overnight or deploying multiple robots simultaneously

Get ahead of schedule and your competition


Always stay ahead of schedule

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Labour Time Saved


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Area Marked

We are August Robotics


Founded in 2017, August Robotics has grown rapidly to become the world leader in autonomous floor layout marking

We are located across the USA, Europe and Asia allowing us to reach customers across the world

Why Lionel is the best layout robot


Lionel marks what you need at a fraction of the price of other solutions

$US 0.35 per sq ft

We are making robotic layout marking available to all contractors


Our introductory Offer




Price includes all equipment and end-to-end service by August Robotics’ engineers

(preparation, on-site set up and deployment)



How is this possible?

Lionel only uses our self-developed technology and does not rely on expensive third party total stations

We pass these savings to you

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Proven Technology


We've been marking exhibitions for years


We marked 9 million sq ft last quarter alone





More Autonomous


Works intelligently amongst obstacles and requires no supervision





More Affordable


We’re not messing around


Priced at US$0.35 per square foot, Lionel is accessible

for all contractors